Luca Broccolini is an ethical childrenswear brand, offering fresh gender-neutral styles in sizes 1–5. The new company needed a visual identity to establish their brand as they are preparing to launch at the end of this year. It was important to communicate that Luca Broccolini garments are specially designed with reinforced stress-areas to meet the needs of parents with a busy and adventurous child. With this in mind, a fictional character was established for the brand—Luca Broccolini.

Luca is an explorer, and this was used to drive the visual language. Hand-drawn iconography and a limited colour palette were used to convey the handmade nature and environmental responsibility of the brand. The challenge was to create an identity that would position Luca Broccolini as a smart alternative to an ethically-conscious, forward-thinking audience of parents. 

Luca Broccolini