Research Project

Research for this project began with a question — is language tangible? 

Investigating the influence of visual language on written language, I asked questions about how we read and the manner in which the tangible and material aspects of graphic design inform our perception. Specifically, I was interested in how physical form facilitates speech. Perspectives is a research-based publication system created to test the capacity of visual language to shape the experience of reading written language. Exploring methods used traditionally by literary critics, four editions of Perspectives were created—The Historical Edition, The Broken Edition, The Surface Edition, and The Response Edition. Through these editions, I investigated a self-written text The Vocabulary of Form. As designers and readers, we hold language in our hands. We compress it, stretch it, reduce it, dissolve it, scale it, push it, mould it. Is language tangible? I now have good reason to believe the answer is yes. This project was selected for display at Objectspace’s The Way of Matter 2016, for display in Talente 2017 at the Munich and Upper Bavarian Chamber of Skilled Trades, and was awarded Silver at The Designers Institute of New Zealand 2016 Best Design Awards.