The Typographer’s Stage

The Typographer’s Stage is a new interpretation of the seminal text, The Street Scene, written by Bertolt Brecht in 1950. Written as a philosophy for modern theatre, The Street Scene discusses both the actors’ delivery and audience’s interpretation of theatrical plays. Brecht’s work encouraged the audience’s intellectual engagement with the content. Over half a century later, Brecht’s analogy bears close resemblance to the relationship between contemporary audience and typographer. The Typographer’s Stage is a publication and tear-out poster set which celebrates the mechanics of typographic production. Through the use of the page as a metaphor for the theatrical stage, the viewer is guided through a contemporary take on The Street Scene. Just as The Street Scene exemplified: with exposure to the layers of production, a space is created for individual interpretation, comprehension of the demonstrator’s decisions and an understanding of the structural foundations of the performance. This project was awarded with merit commendation in the International Society of Typographic Designers 2015 assessments and Silver at The Designers Institute of New Zealand 2016 Best Design Awards.