The Cambodia Charitable Trust (CCT) are an organisation established to provide educational support and facilities to schools, school-children and their families in Cambodia. 100% of all the donations they receive go towards their cause. The organisation required a more unified look to strengthen their image and illustrate the success and effectiveness of CCT’s work. It was also important that CCT's website, where the majority of donations take place, could serve as a platform for users to connect with the organisation and learn about the huge changes they are making on-the-ground in Cambodia.

Working closely with the CCT team, I re-designed the website to introduce elements such as the homepage acting as a portal—summarising the different areas of the website—iconography to represent projects, the CCT voice established through quotations, and a clear online shopping methodology applied to buying a gift for a child in need. The visual identity and website design were created as voluntary work for The Cambodia Charitable Trust. This website will be implemented online in the coming months. All photography and written content contained on the website belongs to The Cambodia Charitable Trust.

The Cambodia Charitable Trust